Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baptism Series

Today I taught a class for prospective elders and deacons in my church on the Presbyterian view of baptism and the Lord's Supper. Some of the questions reminded me when I was first investigating infant baptism. I had grown up in a church and denomination that permitted both infant baptism and believers baptism. For those of us who believed in "credo baptism" we had the option to dedicate our babies. I did that with all three of our children -- against the objections of my wife, particularly on the last two of our children. As I would come to learn, my wife lead the way in my family in spiritual insight and theological understanding. She was a Calvinist -- ah, er, ah, Reformed, before I adopted that viewpoint.

So I was a credo baptist when we moved to Georgia. Our pastor back in Colorado suggested we try a "Perimeter" Church. I had no idea that Perimeter churches were Presbyterian -- and that there were several kinds of Presbyterian denominations. When we came to our present church sixteen years ago, I discovered that Presbyterians believed in infant baptism -- and the thing that looked like a baptistery behind the pulpit and choir area was merely an air conditioning air flow return. It took a couple of years or searching the Scriptures and talking with others before I finally became convinced that the Bible taught that we should baptize our children. That is when our family joined the church and all our children were baptized.


Celestial Fundie said...

I think it is sad that many credo-baptists feel really strongly on this issue without much reflection on case for paedo-baptism.

I am from a credo-baptist background, but I am inclined (without too much commitment) to favour paedo-baptism.

It is one issue on which I am a fence-sitter.

Every Blessing in Christ


Earl said...


Thanks for the comment. I can understand the fence sitting.